Welcome to your Solutions Design phase

Here are the next steps:

  1. Ask any questions in regards to the video and your sales process. We’re happy to clarify anything.
  2. Dedicate some time to tell me about your business sales process. Do so by completing the Mapping Exercise. This will take you through an exercise where you will more easily understand exactly where your business is and where you want it to be.
    Our goal is to identify your current sales process, stages, and requirements and see what we can automate, organize, tweak and improve. 
  3. Send over the templates and wait for our team to analyze them and add suggestions.
  4. Then we will schedule a call to review the new mapping with you. Make sure to bring all necessary stakeholders to this meeting.
  5. Once we get it approved, we will then move to execution/implementation.

Here are the template links for the Mapping Exercise.

Don’t forget to copy them to your Google Drive (recommended) or download a copy. You can’t edit our copy 🙂

Mapping Sheet:

Emails Doc: