What are Website Sections

Sections are basically areas or rows of a website, and every website can be seen as a list of sections.

Sections are designed to make elements more digestible and to create contrast. Each section can receive a different design and features that will make them more or less important in the overall scheme. For example, on the page below the 1st section is what we call a “Hero” and has a form field to collect email addresses (“lead magnet”). So it’s very important.

Then we have a 2nd section which has a more neutral design but a bold title, “How to Solve These Problems”. So we can say it’s has a medium level of importance.

We have to think about sections as elements to visually separate blocks on the website. So if you have long text content to share, it’s better to divide them into sections and also insert some features in order to accomplish the goal of that page.

For example, A contact page can have a header but it for sure will have contact information or a contact form, so people can message the website owner or company. That’s the goal of that page.


A product page will have a feature product photo, price, and title. Maybe the product description receives less importance reflected by a smaller text, however, the “buy button” or “add to cart” (the goal of that page) will most likely be featured.


On a page where the goal is to have visitors book a call, the element that should stand out is a calendar with time slots.


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